Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Journey

July 2, 2005, life would change for us.  Our son, Matthew, would lose his life, after a uterine rupture while I was in labor.  The day was tragic, the weeks, months and years to follow would prove to be harder than ever imagined.  Losing our son, and the physical damage my body would sustain during the most tragic day of our lives would challenge us in many ways.  Grief met us and would accompany us for quite some time.  And occasionally still takes a seat somewhere in our day.  Along our journey, we have learned to live after great loss... but learning to survive was our first step.  Learning to cope, our second, and somewhere along the way, we were living again. 

Our journey is written in my book, "Facets of Life; What I Didn't Expect When I was Expecting."  It is a beautiful tribute of life and loss dedicated to our sweet boy, Matthew. 

Along this road we are on, I have had the opportunity to meet many families, and one thing I have clearly understood is that they all want to remember their precious children, whether the loss they sufffered was in utero, or their child was an adult.  Losing a child changes you.  It changes the friend you are, the spouse you are, the parent that  you are, the daughter or son  that you are... forever.  Life is never the same, and I believe that when we try to go back to live the life we had before our loss, it is too great of an obstacle to reach for something that is no longer there.  Finding a new way to live and love is a necessity.

I knew one day I wanted to start a blog for all of the families that I have met through Facets of Life, and I am doing so now.  For the journey that we are all on, one thing is for certain, our babies and children are part of who we are yesterday, today and forever and always.  We may not have them here to see and touch, but in our hearts they have never left and never will.

I am proud to be a mother of 3 boys... I have the blessing of keeping watch over 2 here on earth, and the angels have the honor of keeping Matthew until I see him again.  Not one day goes by I don't love him, miss him or think of him...

This blog is dedicated to all of our precious children who have left us too soon~  and to all of the families who have the daunting task of living after their loss. 

There is hope and there are so many others who are searching for someone who can understand how much their "mama" heart hurts...  I hope this blog will provide just that!

With much hope & love,


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