Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pain Is...

To start my FOL posts, I decided to share with you a few words from the Introduction of the book...

Pain is what I have endured for the sake of survival, mentally and physically.  Pain is silent. Pain is hard.  Pain is self destructing.  Pain is the removal of the quietness in my inner being.  Living in chronic pain tempts me to be envious of those I see walking around  me.  But pain is also the endless echo in my heart that says it is not just me that hurts.  There are others out there that are also in constant pain.  Pain drives me to my passion, my passion for compassion... 

What is pain to you?

My (our) pain has been translated within 142 pages... and every word, every tear shed while on this journey has led me to this place to reach out to those who are suffering the immense pain of loss.  I believe that God heals, and He has healed me, but the pain remains and He allows that pain to produce within my heart such compassion for others that hurt deeply and are searching for hope.  Pain is a great teacher...  and if we respond to it, the pain will lead us on this journey to our healing through helping others.  To suffer pain is to gain compassion... and when you show compassion, you are sharing the love of God and that love of God will shine through the very midst of your pain and radiate into the hearts of others thus bringing healing to the two hearts God has intertwined though His plan, in His timing, and in His care.

Pain is hard friends...  I am no stranger to it.

I pray that through Facets of Life, you may see our pain as we struggle through this journey, but in the end you will have the HOPE God has given to us in the midst of it all.

Love to all,


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