Tuesday, March 27, 2012

You are NOT ALONE...

Last night, I heard our dog Dixie whining and whining... of course, no one else heard her... but mama!  Why do mama's hear everything?  Once again, God, a question for you... how is it that men can fall asleep ANYWHERE, ANYTIME and once asleep... they actually sleep!  Mama's hear the smallest footstep, the wrinkling of a diaper as the little one turns over... EVERYTHING! Anyone???

Okay, so back to the story...  So, Dixie was whining... I finally got up (since no one else was) LOL and went to the living room where I thought she was... she wasn't there.  I walked passed Will's room only to see her with her nose COMPLETELY pressed against Nathan's door whining to get in there with him...  She looked at me and never moved keeping her nose pressed in place while whining... I asked her if she wanted to go to Nate... and profuse whining began and the tail (well what she has) began to wag... I opened the door, Nate was sound asleep and she ran to his bed, sniffed to find him under the covers and was content.  She climbed up there beside him, and Nate was undisturbed, and Dixie was now content.  She wanted to be by Nathan... protecting him.

Dixie always making sure the boys are protected

She's not letting ANYONE get to these boys!
As much as I was aggravated to have to get up, I smiled.

I'm not sure if you ever lay in bed at night & feel alone... but friends, you are not alone... there is someone at the door begging to come into your heart... to protect you... to comfort you... and to be beside you in the darkness...

Just as God used Dixie last night to show me a visual representation of how He is there... even when we don't know it or feel Him.  Nathan had NO CLUE I had opened the door & that the dog was there, but what I saw was really beautiful & sweet...

I cannot help but think of so many that feel alone... and unprotected from this big world of scary things.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE... God is ever present in your time of need, trouble and of doubt.

I have felt alone... and I have felt HIS presence...  there is a big difference.

I hope today you will find great comfort and peace and as you lay down to sleep tonight, rest with the understanding that in the stillness of the night, when you need it the most, God is there.  He is waiting at the door... He longs to give you comfort, protection and peace.

I have to close with 2 pics of Dixie (when she is home alone with me... poor little dog!) But y'all, I have ALL boys... and a lot of hair extensions... what's a woman to do?  ;)  This... :)))

Okay, so she doesn't like the bows... hahhaha!

Y'all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!  xoxo!


  1. yup, you were right...I smiled and even laughed right out loud!
    thank you for the reminder...
    hoping you have a beautiful day too. (you rock btw)
    hugs and love

    1. :) Poor Dixie... all I have to say is "do you want pony tails?" and she runs!!! hahahah! :) love back to you!!!

  2. Oh Lori, you know how much my heart needed this! Speaks to me where I am at! Thank you luv! And yes I am smiling!

  3. Ah too cute! thanks for the laugh. And the great visual of God being there even when we don't know it or feel it. I needed to hear that tonight.