Sunday, April 29, 2012


Still Standing Online Magazine launching May 5th!  
{Embracing Life After Loss & Infertility}

All over the world there are millions of people who have suffered the loss of a child and struggled with infertility, all too often they do so in silence.  Not because they want to, but because they feel alone and maybe they don't know how to 'talk' about their loss or 'express' their feelings.  Well sweet friends, I am so excited to share with you today about the most amazing 15 women I have come to love, respect and admire over the past few months.

We all have different stories, uniquely our own, but the pain links us together, the pain that words are never adequate enough to describe, yet somehow with a gentle {hug} or a <3 sign, we know, we understand, we relate, it's an 'unspoken language' between grieving parents that no one else can understand, nor can we explain.

By embracing  our heartaches, we are all learning to use the remnants of pain as a passion to create and inspire as we journey to live again through art, photography, design, poetry, writing, and SO much more.

These women will knock your socks off with their inspiration, their dreams and the ability to view the world with eyes that can see the beauty in the mess.  The mess of suffering, the empty arms and the broken hearts...  we all know this well...  and how many of you do too?  How many of you wish you knew someone that survived the very feeling that you are going through right now?  Keep reading friends and stay tuned... I have someone for you to meet!  (Like 15 someones!)  You are not alone!

We are stretched out from Australia to Canada to Texas to little ole' me in Mississippi...(and many more places)  We are all STILL STANDING and embracing life after loss and infertility!  Would you like to join us as we come together, reaching out, bridging the gap to lift you up!  You will be encouraged, you will cry, you will laugh, but most importantly, you will be Still Standing with us... and side by side, we will journey on.

Right now these women are working really hard behind the scenes to bring you their hearts and stories... get ready to have your heart moved and to fall in love with these precious women!  (and our guest posts, along with fathers and grandparents and children that have experienced loss!)  Get ready!  Don't miss out!

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My column, "Beauty Marks," is where I will share with you the topic of faith after loss.  We lost our son, Matthew, almost 7years ago when I had a uterine rupture while in labor.  He lived just 25 minutes, but radically changed our lives forever.  We suffered extreme loss of the death of our son and I was also left with life changing physical disabilities from the medical complications.  The road has been hard to say the least, but as I persevere day by day, I know I am honoring my baby boy and his life has a beautiful purpose.  I look forward to sharing my heart with you... I am humbled and grateful, and so blessed that I am Still Standing after nearly 7 years.

A special thank you to Fran at Small Bird Studios!  She is the BEAUTY behind this!  She is incredible and we are launching the magazine on her sweet baby girl's 3rd birthday in heaven... What a GIFT in honor of Jenna!  

Much love to you all!