Sunday, September 2, 2012

making lemonade...

It is nearly 1 am- I can't sleep... WHY?  Because LIFE GAVE ME LEMONS and neuropathy is the sour stuff that keeps me awake some times!

We have all heard "When life gives you lemons... make lemonade!"

Perhaps, easier said than done, however when practiced enough, this can be done!

Tonight, I am thinking of many people I know that have been affected by some pretty awful lemons!  Life has been harsh; circumstances out of their control have dictated to them them such extreme pain.

Lemons.  Yuck!

Yes, I have had many lemons... many sour places...

It's almost like, okay... so I am trying really hard to make some lemonade but when I squeeze the stupid lemon, the juice burns the wound so badly!  BUT to get the lemonade, we have to keep squeezing through the pain... the sting... Anybody???

Through life, everyone has struggles... even small children that grow up in a divorced home will one day, as adults, have to choose to be bitter or better.  We all do regardless of what we go through.  There will be a crossroad we arrive at... it is there we must make the choice to use the trial for helping others and growing stronger or we will use the trial as a clutch to blame others for our hurts and put a wall around ourselves so no one is allowed in our space- (also known as trying to protect ourselves)   I'll throw my hands in the air, I've done this!  BUT I have learned that holding onto my bag of lemons instead of making lemonade hurts me!  These lemons when used correctly by adding the necessary ingredients, can quench my thirst by making a big glass of lemonade and benefit me (and others) instead of hinder me or hinder others!  Not only can I use my lemons to make myself a drink, I could also offer some to my neighbor... there's a real lesson in that if you think about it a while. :)

Many nights, I have laid in bed in tremendous pain while suffering intense neuropathy and I held lemons!  I was left with lemons and not a baby! I was left with lemons... a very scarred body and permanent injuries! I cried.  I yelled!  I was mad at God! I was probably mad at everyone!   To say I was suffering in silence is an understatement!

Tonight... I could still scream about the neuropathy and hold that bag of lemons...  BUT instead, my hands are free and I am using this time to share my heart, Matthew's story, our hope in Christ, my testimony,  Facets of Life, Arbonne... I am using my time to help others... and by doing this... I AM MAKING LEMONADE!

If you are holding lemons tonight, I am so sorry friend... but I do know that the experience of making lemonade, although not always pleasant, is so worthwhile!

Big hugs to all!



  1. Great Thoughts, thank you for sharing. Sometimes I'm afraid that I've held the "lemons" so long that I've forgotten how to make lemonade, sometimes I'm afraid that the lemonade will be bitter too, sometimes I'm too afraid to make the lemonade because what if I forgot about the lemons. I'm trying to find the courage to make my lemonade too!

    1. HI Shauna! Here's hoping today you can find that courage to make some lemonade! I am cheering for you friend! Sending you hugs! XO!