Tuesday, February 12, 2013

If you see a puck... duck!

I am so in the 1% of the world!  Anyone else out there feel like you are in the 1% too?
Oh mercy, me, me, me!
This is probably the only one of my 1% stories that have the potential to make you laugh so I thought I would share it!
Let me start by asking if you have ever been in a coliseum at a professional ice hockey game and been hit in the head with a puck?  Perhaps, flying biscuit, whatever you would like to call it?  Hmmm, me, me, me!  Yep, I have! 
There were three minutes left in the game... three.  And then it happened...
Out of the thousands of people in the coliseum, a frozen flying biscuit hit me in the head!  One ambulance ride, a cat scan and several doctors coming in to look at my head, you know, just to see “what a hockey puck would do to a gal like me,” and eight stitches later, I decided to blog about it for the rest of the world to know, just in case you didn’t! 
The doctor couldn’t stitch my head until the scan came back so this allowed PLENTY of time for my head to be a spectacle in the ER. 
Before you ask the infamous questions, let me answer them for you… YES I had a terrible headache and YES I got to keep the puck! 
One of the funniest things (of course, now it is funny!) is that I was being wheeled away by the medics in the back of the coliseum, and Steve Yule, (the hockey player that hit the puck) asked if I was the girl who got hit in the head with the puck!  OMGeez, are you laughing at that too?  Picture it, my blonde hair covered in blood, my forehead wrapped with bandages and being rolled into an ambulance… well, hmmm… I don’t know, was it me that got hit in the head?  I wonder if Steve has had one too many hits in his head, just kidding!  He was a very nice guy and great hockey player!  And that can still make me laugh over a decade later!  (this happened in 1998.)
SO, I had given everyone lots of entertainment… the next day at the beauty shop, the phone rang all day, people from New Orleans to Di’Iberville were checking on me and after finding out I was okay, then they had a chuckle or three! 
Then, guess what?  The jokes began!  Good Lawd, if I had a nickel for every person who told me to “duck when you see a puck” I would be a very wealthy lady!  As if I didn’t know I was supposed to DUCK!  Wasn’t it obvious that I WASN’T LOOKING? 
To this very day, people in our community remind me of that!  Some of you reading this know I am talking about you!  J 
Anyhoo… ;)
It’s very funny, now! 
I could have been seriously injured but all that remains is a scar and a good story that comes with a laugh and many memories!
Steve Yule, you are awesome!  J
With that story told, I must say that I have only been to one hockey game since then and you can believe I never took my eye of that doggone flying biscuit!
I am rarely in the 99% of anything and have come to just try and embrace the things that come along with the 1% of this crazy life I lead.
There are many stories I can tell about the 1% of my life, but today I will just leave you with a smile!
Have a great day and if you see a puck… please DUCK!


  1. Nope, never had to duck from a puck... But, I was the one x-raying and scanning another lady who took a puck to the nose. Broken, yes. Three inches wide and flattened to her face, yes. Ever since I refuse to even speak during a game. Generally, I make sure to sit in the 1st row or the very top row. Super paranoid of the puck now. ����

    1. Ouch Jamie! That sounds awful! And I definitely understand that you watch the game so closely now! I can say I am not too cozy with the puck myself! XOXO!