Thursday, March 14, 2013

on growing older.... BLESS OUR HEARTS!

Oh my goodness, I had to laugh at me and sis the other day!  Ladies, especially those blessed with “roots,” will appreciate this post!
Have you ever just had a day when you look BLAH?  A day when you wake up and see more gray and roots than ever before?  A day when you are depressed just a little about life, growing older and/ or combination of feeling fat or fluffy? 
Well, apparently that happened to me and Lynette the same day-  Seriously, we laughed at ourselves, after!
Both of us have been in the beauty business since 1992 so we have seen our fair share of gray hair and roots… along with the signs of aging, ladies spiraling into the beauty salon for a touch up in their spandex and head bands… YOU know who I am talking about! 
We would console behind the chair many ladies evolving into the aging process as we stood our cute young butts behind the chair thinking, what is that saying again, hmmm… oh yeah “bless her heart!”
For years and years we would wave our magic wand, do make overs as the big 40 approached for these lovely ladies… and send them out the door with a can of freeze spray and a tube of lipstick!  And for about 4 weeks that would occupy the aging process a bit!
So, it hit me the other day!  Me and sis ARE those ladies!  Omgosh!  BLESS OUR HEARTS!!! 
And just when we were fixing to put our color on… the ice cream fairy, aka as the Schwann’s man, knocked on the door!  Ice Cream anyone?
Holy moly!!! YES!  I looked at sis and said oh boy did he pick the right time to come!  We were old and already feeling a little fluffy, so why not? 
Two quarts and some 13 dollars later he was out the door and we were happy, happy, happy!  Almost, anyway!
We sat in the shop and laughed as we ate our ice cream!  Oy vey!
Then we slapped some of that magic on our roots and took about 5 years off of our aging process, at least for a bit!  
Anyhoo… We vowed to never ever have roots again!  And we also skirted around the subject of the noticeable changes to our heads and bodies as we did this thing called aging! 
I also went down the check list of things that “those ladies” used to always get done when they were in, hmmm… this state of whatever you call it!  I said have you done a facial?  Check!  What about your fingernails?  Check!  Toes?  She pulled off her shoes, check!  And then we just shook our heads!  Only one thing left… a long spa bath!
Oh Lord, it was too funny!
So, the bottom line, our roots are gone, so is the ice cream!  Our toes and fingernails are kept up and ready for the spring and our faces have had the Ultimate Facial!  So, are we ready for this growing up/ older thing?  At least for another 4 weeks, absolutely! ;)
When you are down, feeling BLAH… grab a friend or a sister, eat ice cream, a lot of it, grab the polish, do your toes!  Whatever you do, please don’t go to Walmart and buy a 3 dollar color for your hair!  Although fixing those 3 dollar colors did generate much of our income back in the day!
We had some enormously fun times at that salon together!  Thursday nights were “Late Nights” and you all remember that I am sure!  It was the hottest beauty salon to be at on Thursday nights!  We would do hair until 1 in the morning some Thursdays!  Everyone wanted to come on Thursdays!  Ladies would come in their pajamas, bring food, some would bring their wine, but all of them came without kids or a husband!  Ah, memories!   Special thank you to all of the amazing clients that we had!  I know Lynette still sees so many of you, but I don’t!  Good times!
I think that sis and I have learned lots of beauty tricks over the last 2 decades and we are gloriously glad that we did!  Especially to help us through this season of blessing our hearts!
Some blonde hair and some bangs, maybe a pound or two later, we are ready to face another day!  Another day of conquering the beautiful gift of aging! 
I know some folks age gracefully, but I can probably bet that sis and I aren’t on such a graceful road!  It is total freak out!  J
I can fast forward to our ‘silver’ years, in beauty school, that would be affectionately called the ‘blue hair ladies’ and I can see us sitting there with our purple rinse waiting on the ice cream fairy to stop by! 

So here’s to the next stage… here’s to the memories of days gone by as we stood in our youth and gasped at the thought of us ever ‘needing’ to work out or ever needing to run as fast as we can to the beauty shop to get those roots done! 
Sis, we HAVE arrived!  J

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