Friday, July 12, 2013

Uterine Rupture~ did you know it could happen to you?

Uterine rupture stinks no matter how it happens.

It is terrible.

It is tragic.

It is life changing.

For me, it caused the death of my son and permanent injuries that would last my entire life time.

It was terrible.

It was tragic.

It was life changing.

I think that many expecting mothers that have not had a previous c-section with another child are unaware of the potential that this could happen to them, even with an unscarred uterus.

It happened to me.

I wasn't trying a VBAC, I delivered our first son vaginally.  And I delivered Matthew vaginally as well.

Unfortunately my rupture was not caught in time to prevent Matthew's death or permanent injuries for me, but the awareness of uterine rupture and my story has the potential to save another baby's life and prevent mothers from suffering as I do with the loss of a child and with physical damages to their body.

I am going to be speaking out about uterine rupture more for I feel there is a need to educate expecting mothers on the unexpected, the unexpected that I know about, the unexpected that happened to me.

The warnings are usually implied on a scarred uterus and people then debate VBAC or not...there was never anything for me to debate.

Uterine rupture stinks no matter how it happens.

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  1. I’m sure your story served as an eye-opener to all those expecting mothers who were able to read your post. While VBAC is the most common cause of uterine rupture, it’s important to know that it could also develop during late pregnancy, and some are caused by dysfunctional labor and labor augmentation. It’s advisable to have a series of tests to keep your health and your baby’s life out of risk. Anyway, I do hope you’ll continue helping your readers in dealing with that life-changing experience. Thank you for sharing your story, Lori!

    Sabrina Craig @ Medical Attorney