Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My gloomy day "to-do" list...

When I am having a "gloomy" moment, day, week, month...(yes I said month!) these are a few constants that pick me up. (of course, this list excludes my most favorite pick me uppers, my boys and my husband!) 

*I surround myself in good, really good music. (Mostly praise and worship)
*I read my bible and any other encouraging thing I can get my hands on.
*I don't watch TV! (unless it is something beautiful and positive, or of course has to do with shoes!)- NO news!
*I polish my toes a "happy" color.
*I wash and blow out my hair, put something cute on (get out of sweats and yoga clothes) and I apply lip polish! (sometimes a whole face of makeup, depending upon how blue I feel!)
*I tidy my surroundings.
*I say I am grateful for three things after I complain about one. 
*I spritz my fancy perfume on!
*I eat cookies, ALL of them!

I do these even if I am home alone, actually, especially if I am home alone! (even the perfume!) No one else may smell me, but I do! And I have learned that I matter! And these things help me so very much!

I know the latter about the makeup and clothes may sound silly, but it really, really makes a difference in how I feel. 

Taking care of ourselves is so important and when feeling gloomy or blue may be the last thing on your mind, but it is so good for your soul! 

Choosing to do any or all of the above doesn't change my circumstances but it does let some joy creep in, while choosing to do NONE of the above throws my joy right out of the window.

Choosing joy today on this gloomy blue day!

PS- I am wearing pink lip polish and I smell good, that makes me smile! 

Try it, I highly recommend it! XOXO!

I have to add this photo- Last night when my husband came home, he had these cookies for me!  LOOK at the top..."lift for cookie joy!"

Yay, JOY in cookies!!!

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  1. I could use some cookie joy today. Thanks for sharing!