Monday, February 20, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

I am fixing to take my boys outside for a scavenger hunt... we will look for things like a spider web, a frog, yellow flowers, etc... and I am sure a pile of something gross somewhere, since my boys wrote the list! And as I am getting ready to put my shoes on, a thought crosses my mind about my own personal scavenger hunt(s) I have been on...

My personal scavenger hunt(s) can be completely itemized as follows:  peace, joy, happiness, contentment, love, forgiveness, gentleness, mercy, grace, compassion, faith, righteousness, and a heart that isn't broken. (okay and a new pair of fabulous shoes, but you knew that, right?  Can you see me with my big bag trying desperately to shove these things in there?  Store to store, place to place looking for the next item on my list (remember, it can't be bought, but we sure try to, don't we?)  I could simplify this list and mark all of it out if I wrote the word GOD on the page... I need to seek GOD with my WHOLE heart!  And He will in return supply me with all of the above.  ( I am even believing for the shoes! ;) ) AMEN! ;)

I mean, who doesn't want these things?  Who doesn't need these things?  I will be the first with  my hand up high in the air saying I cannot live without them.... and on the days I try to, or think I can, are the days I am completely messed up!

As much as I don't understand some things in life, I do understand the goodness and mercies of God!  And I understand walking in God's grace, (in fabulous shoes, of course) is a necessity in our seeking ALL that God has for us!  If we do not understand God's grace, we will never believe we are worthy enough to deserve God's goodness and mercies!

You are worthy!

I cannot wait to share a story with  you all about a man from the 1800's that had a HUGE impact on my life!  (Post to come soon!) and if you have heard me speak, you know who I am talking about! :)

Phil 3:14 'I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.'

Today, when I walk outside with my boys, our goal is to find all 25 items on our list, our 'prize' may be the frog with the spots on it, or the spider on the web... but friends, the goal in this journey of life that we are pressing toward is to win "OUR PRIZE" and it is far more than we could ever imagine... Once again, I can only imagine... (smile)

Love to all,



  1. I would love to hear you speak...coming to the Midwest any time soon?
    if not, I will have to settle with the fact that your book should be arriving at my house tomorrow!

    God bless you, Lori. You are a beautiful soul.

  2. Not sure yet if this year will bring me to the Midwest, but if it does, I will lyk! :) Yay! SO glad your book is coming tomorrow! I really hope you enjoy it and that your heart will be blessed! God bless you too Laurie! Much love, LW