Tuesday, March 13, 2012

doctor day, again! PART 2

Well y'all, We returned to NOLA today for another doctor appointment, of course, if you read my earlier blog, you already know that was going to be part of my day today.

I saw one of my very FAVORITE doctors today, he was my very FIRST doctor at Ochsner when I was referred there in October 2005.  He has been with us on this journey and I am so grateful for him- he is brilliant and kind and compassionate, and a heck of a doctor!  I will be doing a medical post in regards to my treatments and surgeries, etc and there I will be sharing about Dr. Winters and a few other doctors that have helped me live!  If you look at the acknowledgement section of my book, he is in there!  And he deserves to be in there~! (even though he is now at LSU Medical Center!)  We still love him!  We are his very favorite Ole Miss fans! :)

My husband, always being the 'documentarian' (I know that is not a word, but I am just going to use it anyway, it means he has documented all doctor visits and that has been A LOT!)  SO I think he has earned the title of my very own 'documentarian!'  (kind of sounds like something to do with large animals ~ but it's just me! LOL!) He documented me walking into the hospital today ~ knees and joints and all ~ I was walking! :)  BIG SMILE!

If you could only hear my conversations with RW before the doctors come in, y'all would laugh at us so much!  And believe me, he has to touch every button in the room!  Seriously! WHY do men have to do that?  Can't they just read a magazine?  Or Google something?  This is me documenting him sitting still and being a good boy! ;) But soon after this pic was taken his hand was on the black table and lever behind him!  I am not even going to begin to tell y'all about the little lights in the room! We have to laugh to keep from crying... and he makes me laugh and I love him, so very much.  He's pretty cute too! :))) xoxo

We had a long visit with the doctor and I am in need of some 'maintenance' so I will schedule that for April so I can be all ready for our trip to Disney in May.  Not really up to talking about the maintenance today, but later, perhaps.  Good news is that one of the procedures I had 2 years ago was not FDA approved so insurance wouldn't cover it- but today found out that it has just recently been approved and that is really great for us!  Especially since I will be having this procedure done again in April.  Thank  you God!

Omygoodness, I almost forgot this~ so we are on our way to NOLA and I had my boots off, and had baby blue socks on and RW gets in the truck and says to me and I say this with a GASP... he says "Are those socks going to be seen when you put your shoes on?"  AS IF!!!  I had teal jewelry on and he then tried to play it off like the teal and baby blue matched!  As I mentioned in my fb status, I went "Joan Rivers" on him!

I am going to watch some fashion tv now, snack on something healthy and pretend it is junk food! ;)

Signing off in pain, but BLESSED BEYOND MEASURE and  HOPEFUL of what tomorrow will bring!

Just a little food for thought- when you are compassionate, you are kind and when you are kind, you smile! I hope today you smiled!  xoxo


  1. awww, I love this post. you are both adorable and I love "hearing" your pre consult convo and play by play.
    You amaze me.
    love to you, brave woman!

    1. :) This made me smile... our 'pre consult convo!" Girl... I could write another book on that! ;) You are too sweet!!! xoxo

  2. Love this post. It made me smile, not cuz you had to go to the doctors but just cuz you make it so upbeat :) and Im planning my first ever disneyland trip for May too! Who knows we might run into eachother....ill have to tell you what I'm wearing so you will know who I am lol.

    1. Mily, Disneyland or Disney World? DW is in Florida / DL in California ~ We are going to DW. You are going to have a BLAST! Look forward to my series of posts I will be doing soon on Disney World- I write about some of it in chapter 7 of my book... it's is a really AWESOME & AMAZING part of our story of healing! xoxo

  3. The baby blue socks don't match the teal??

    1. ABSOLUTELY NOT... and I say that with a SMILE and shaking my head! :)