Friday, March 9, 2012

New Orleans, again...

We are passing trees, lots of trees & in my head are replays of the many times we have passed these same trees going to the same place- Here comes the bridge over the water that destroyed so many lives from Hurricane Katrina.
I know where every pothole is on this hour long drive (depending on traffic flow), every turn, every sign. This road that leads me to the hospital, to the doctors that await my arrival.

My heart beats a little faster each mile we are closer. There are more bridges that are surrounded by swampy waters that lead me to smile as I know the 'mudbugs' cross the road here!

Signs that caution you, wanting  you to slow down... and that is exactly how I am feeling today.

I notice the little white cross along the highway adorned with pink flowers where someone took their last breath.

The sky is gloomy, trees are barren, still recovering from harsh conditions. Mile marker 246, we are getting close.

As we are arriving into New Orleans, sounds of emergency vehicles echo in the stale air, God help them.

Palm trees in the median supported by 3 poles and a rope trying to survive the elements and this road...

Navigation says we are 14 miles from our destination, but in my heart, we are already there.

Brake lights signal traffic ahead
Homeless people under the bridges and I wonder how their hearts must feel.

The church steeple stands high above the ruins that this city once was, so strong & symbolic.

This road we travel, all too often, has beat me up, has collected my tears, yet today I am looking at my surroundings and not my circumstances as we enter the city known as The Big Easy where people come to forget their troubles.

But this road is a painful reminder of my troubles every time I travel it , yet it also leads to the place that helps me to live better & that has incredible doctors doing all that they can so I can achieve leading as normal a life as possible with my injuries.

This is not an optional road for me. I am convinced that the insanity & beauty of this drive, the city & the road we are on all lead us to depend more upon the ONE who has taken the wheel & is in control of it all.

Pulling in the garage, grabbing my husband's hand & my purse... here we go. Breathe in, Breathe out.

Walking out of the hospital registration area, I look to the left, the Breast Cancer Treatment sign, to my right,  the Radiation Department... Thank you God that I don't have cancer and please heal those that do.

In the room, the tech doing my test told me about her 11 year old sister struggling with Spinal Bifida...Thank you God my children are healthy and please heal those children that are sick.

After the test, I grab  my husband's hand & we walk together down the hall to the exit, where I see a new mother holding her precious baby being wheeled out by the door to go home~  She got  to leave the hospital with her baby.  Thank you God for letting her leave with her baby.

Tears with every step after I saw her...remembering the day I left the hospital without Matthew, understanding that is why I am on this road to begin with.

Let's go home...


  1. awww, I was right there with you, walking the corridor, smelling the smells.
    reliving the memories.

    Praying for you today, hope you are feeling "good" whatever that is and I know you are praising the Lord for those wide open eyes and that love filled heart.

    1. Thank you Laurie for the sweet words... and for the prayers... I was thinking about you earlier today and was going to stop by your site and say hello! Hugs back to you! xoxo

  2. Lori,
    God has blessed you with the ability to bring your world into our hearts through your words. Each and every blog post has deep meaning and touches us with tears and hope. Thank you God for people like Lori, bless her and comforter her and give her your peace.

    1. I am very blessed & God has definitely given us comfort through many prayers & much support! Thank you so kindly for the encouragement & sweet thoughts!