Saturday, March 24, 2012

PART 4... (finally!) ;)

Okay, so the Bahama trip was so awesome!  But I tell you one thing.... before I do another interview on television, I will make sure it isn't AFTER  4 days on the Bahama beaches & 3 days on the beautiful beaches of Ft. Lauderdale!  CAN YOU SAY SUNSCREEN & FLOPPY HATS?

in the Green Room before the interview
Brett & Will enjoying the perks of the Green Room! 
Nate wanted to drink coffee just so he could use a mug! :)

RW waiting to see me come to the set
getting my mic on
Lynette enjoying the atmosphere & making sure my hair was good! :)

The 1st of August, I had  the amazing opportunity & privilege of being a guest on The Balancing Act that aired on Lifetime TV November 2, 2011.  It was so very surreal.  The staff was wonderful & so kind!  And y'all know how much I LOVED the makeup room!  seriously!  Wow!  I wanted it... all of it! :)  My interviewer Kristy Villa was also getting her hair / make up touched up the first time I met her.  We sat there in the makeup room chatting before the interview.  I could say I was a tad nervous... but not really.  I knew this was a moment I had to do for Matthew & for other mothers & families who were searching for hope.  I was just praying for the right words to speak since we only had 5 minutes (approx) for the air time.  Y'all know me, I am not known for being short with words! ;)

We only had to do 1 take! :)

Here is the link if you would like to watch the interview ~

The highlight of the interview for me, was after it was over... I took a deep breath & looked at Matthew's tombstone on the cover of the book & silently said under my breath... "that was for you sweet boy!"  It was then, Kristy & I both had a moment where we wiped our tears & then my boys, RW, Lynette & Brett came to the set for pictures & introductions of the crew!  I loved seeing the twinkle in my boys' eyes as they studied all of the details of the set! (and of course, played with the video equipment!)

Below I share some photos that were taken during & after the interview ~

My turn to get a 'fluff''
Interview in progress

This was when we were leaving the studio... the boys loved the 'ride' back to the car! :)

This experience was a God given opportunity to me & I am so grateful to have had this chance to reach a national audience on a secular TV network... God is so awesome! ~keep in mind I was going to be writing my book still in 2011! :)  But God had other plans!  And it is with great admiration to what HE CAN DO through us when we ARE WILLING that I praise HIM & give HIM ALL OF THE GLORY!  I couldn't have done this  without Him preparing the way & giving me the courage to do so... as I said, in my time line, I was still 'writing my book~!'  

My motto since day 1 was "God I'm not ready, but I'm willing!"

October 30th, my Moose (Nathan) would break his collar bone & separate his shoulder in the last few minutes of his football game... When we were at the hospital, the doctor said surgery is imminent.  Now, I was days away from 3 big events for Facets of Life as we were preparing for the interview to be aired & another book signing at Barnes & Noble.  My mind was screaming with knowing there would be no choice if we were in the hospital with Nate that I would have to cancel... So the weekend I prayed, we all did.  Monday morning, we arrived at the orthopedic where we would receive wonderful news- no surgery!  (Thank you God!)  So exhausted but completely relieved, I began to focus on the next 48 hours.  I would have a local tv interview at 4:00 on November 1st, leave there to go to a Meet & Greet for 6:00 pm, share  my story there & go home to anxiously await 6am airing on The Balancing Act!  My phone started ringing at 5 am... everyone was watching & so excited!  I was too!  Matthew's story would be shared nationally & I could just remember this scripture over & over in Ephesians 3:20-21 "Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, forever and ever! Amen."  Amen was right!  I didn't make that happen, & I take NO CREDIT for it at all... I just had to be WILLING to put my myself out there... I had never even done a local tv interview  (until Nov.1st) before & here I was throwing myself onto national television.  (it was God!)

I was so incredibly excited to be sharing Matthew with the world... but also the HOPE we have in Christ!  

I would then prepare to spend that afternoon at Barnes & Noble for another book signing there... I was totally exhausted, but so grateful... so grateful that God had allowed Nathan to be okay!  I could have acted out of fear immediately & cancelled the interview, meet & greet & signing, & even had good reason to do such... but instead I CHOSE to trust God had plans... & His plans far exceeded my own! 

While I am certain God gives us all ample opportunities throughout the year to do what He has called  us to do, I am also certain, sometimes we allow our own fear to get in the way, & react based on how we feel rather than based on what we know! God has given us many examples in His word to trust Him, have faith in Him & believe in Him... not in what we can see or feel....  

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for & certain of what we do not see... vs 3: By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.  

Isn't verse 3 amazing!  Can you relate to that in your life right now?   I can! 

And as I reflect upon the 1st year of Facets of Life, I know & I understand how God took what was only in my heart & formed it into 142 pages of love, despair, loss & hope in honor of my precious Matthew & he took that piece of my heart that I had to surrender to Him for His work & produced within it a beautiful tribute for His glory & His honor...  

The year was amazing!  The people I met have literally changed my life... my heart... The incredible & inspiring stories of hope through tragedy that I have been blessed to hear have been forever etched in my heart & soul...  I have hugged many mamas & cried with them... I have had a passion like never before, even in the midst of so much pain to help those whose hearts have been broken.  

I am totally & completely in love with my Savior who has given  me grace to stand through it all... & I am not afraid to admit, sometimes I fall... & just have to crawl back to Him... where He loves me unconditionally. I am the author of Facets of Life, but most importantly, God is the author of mine.

Celebrating the end of a most amazing year ~  I hope you know me not at Lori C. Weatherly but as "Matthew's Mama!"  

Much love & my sincerest gratitude to  you all... Thank  you for the love, support & encouragement! 


  1. Lori, it's amazing how God is working through you to touch so many lives (mine included!). And I would be waaaaay too nervous to ever be interviewed on TV. But you handled it with such poise and you are adorable! I love your southern accent! Much love, xoxo

  2. You are one adorable lady! :) God is using you so much! You are like the song you posted... beautiul scars... I love your motto I am not ready but I am willing! I will always rememner that! Once again I stand in awe! Love to you sweet lady!