Thursday, March 22, 2012

Red Bird...

Well, today I was going to write Part 4 so I could finish up the 1st anniversary year of Facets of Life... but I don't have too many words today...  It's been rainy here, really rainy.  Flood waters are evident.  The wind has been so strong & powerful, almost knocking me over yesterday when I walked outside.

On the way to get Nate from school, this is the HWY covered in sand from the beach ~  
I am very aware of my surroundings.

I appreciate the quick glance I got at the red canary bird that just flew by me, he was flying against the wind & into the rain... which is precisely what I feel like I am doing sometimes. I am not sure where he was going, but he was going somewhere ~

Rough waters from the wind on the way home from NOLA

I wonder if he was tired when he got there.  I am.

I am tired, yet inspired.

One thing I noticed about the beautiful red bird is his presence, he was giving it everything he had & he was flying.

He was beautiful.

As noticed in the above photos, the wind has a way of shifting things... the sand, the water, & even my body when I walked outside.  It was hard to stand against the force that could take me down instantly.  If I would have not held on to something, I would have fallen...(& I have fallen plenty of times)

The wind can cause much chaos in the storm, displacement being almost inevitable.

The little red bird wanted to go somewhere, & he was going...  through the chaotic storms, the winds & the rains, I am inspired by the little red bird.  I want to go somewhere too, even in the storm, when the winds that surround me are displacing things, I want to remain unaffected & determined to fly, just like the beautiful red bird...


  1. How timely for my life!! Thank you for letting God use you sweet lady!! Lots of love my friend!!

  2. keep flying, beautiful bird. you inspire so many.
    hang in there!