Monday, June 4, 2012

Sometimes & Always...

Sometimes I cry
Sometimes I laugh
Sometimes I dream and don’t want to wake up
Sometimes I cannot sleep
Sometimes breathing is a daunting task
Sometimes faith is hard to grasp
Sometimes I am so sad
Sometimes I am so angry
Sometimes I am scared
Sometimes I am brave
Sometimes I don’t want to be
Always, I love you
Always, I miss you
Always, you are with me
Always, I have hope… always.
Always, I know I will see you again…
Always, with each day that comes and goes, I am one day closer to seeing you again
Sometimes that makes me cry because I wish it were today
Always, (after the tears) it makes me smile because I know that day will come
Always, I am your mother
Always, I love to see butterflies
Sometimes I cry when they fly away
Sometimes I love seeing their little wings take off into the blue skies
Always, I wish you were here
Always, I wonder how tall you would be
Always, I am so grateful to be your mother
Sometimes I feel guilty that I am here and you are not
Always, I want you back... ALWAYS.

When my sometimes and always’ come and go… I know it is okay to be in that moment…
And sometimes that is crying,  but always, it is hoping. 

Hoping tomorrow is a day that I will see a butterfly, a rainbow, or be able to catch the raindrops on my tongue with your brothers...

Hoping tomorrow we will be able to share your story again... your life, and our love for you.

Hoping that when I sleep I will see you and when I wake up I will feel you...

I love you Matthew Clark Weatherly!  You are my inspiration, my heart and my precious baby boy! ALWAYS!

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