Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I sat down to write today feeling like I would have much to share... I got here... and I am BLANK!  Completely blank!

There are so many thoughts flying in and out of my head and I am inundated with so many emotions that I am really ready to get them out... well, BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK BLANK...

Even looking at that I am shaking my head.  Why do I have so much to say, yet cannot speak it?

I have been spending lots of time outdoors, inspired by wildflowers and butterflies, the beach, the fall air... it is simply beautiful.

I am spending this time being grateful... grateful for everything, everyday, good or bad, I am grateful.

So I am grateful and inspired... and full of things to say... but simply just feel the need to be quiet.

I will be quiet and take in the lessons life is obviously teaching me, I will be quiet and listen to my children more, I will be quiet and learn to be a better listener to my friends and to strangers, I will be quiet and more attentive to my husband and family, I will be quiet so I can hear the melody playing in my heart...

I will be quiet and I will be still and know that HE IS GOD!

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