Monday, April 29, 2013


Apporaching the first day of May is what is happening y'all!  Summertime is on the prowl!

Life is going by quickly. 

So, so quickly.

Soon, my hardwood floors will have footprints all over it and wet towels hanging on the pool fence.  Soon.

Soon, I will be making sandwiches alot.

Soon, I will be smiling and tanning while my boys argue over who gets the extra point in pool football.

Soon, I will be exhausted from smiling and tanning and refereeing my boys in the pool.


Soon, I will say get to your rooms and don't come out til' y'all can say you are sorry and that you love each other.

Yep, soon.

A little later, I will see my boys do that. 

And soon we will do that again...

Soon, we will be celebrating Matthew's 8th birthday without him.

Soon, the July heat will bring me to my knees as the memories flood my mind as they do every year.

Soon, I will feel the sting of death all over again.

Soon, it will be here soon.

Soon, I will be remembering this summer like I did last summer and the summers before that.

Soon it will be over and it hasn't even begun yet.


I have made a decision... NOW, I choose to not rush it away, to take every single moment as if it were the last, and enjoy it, embrace it and give great thought to what is going on now, not worrying about tomorrow.

Because soon, it will be quiet again and soon I will miss it.

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