Friday, May 31, 2013


A few days ago I shared a blog with you all and although I only named a few mamas and children on the post, I thought about many!  So many!

One precious mama was Laurie...her blog can be found here.  I "met" her through our online community of loss moms and her little boy Jack has become someone I remember every time I see the word JOY.  His name, Jack Oliver Young.  As his mama shares his life and her JOY on her blog, I began to see such a huge connection in how I remember him too.

Only through a photograph would I recognize baby jack or his mama...BUT through the word JOY, I see and hear them both.  That's pretty awesome!  I can see a Christmas ornament with JOY on it and I think of Jack!  I can see a card with JOY on it and I think of Jack!  Anytime I see the word JOY, my first thought is Jack... Good job Jack's Mama...for that speaks volumes!  Volumes!

I sent her the blog post along with the following comment~ "I have to add this...whenever I see JOY I think of sweet Jack's Mama."

Her response, was one that resonated with me on so many levels...I asked her permission to share it with you all as part two to my previous post "I will say it out loud for the rest of my life..." 

"Thank you for allowing the Lord to use encourage me. It's funny because I was just telling my neighbor this morning that it's so important for me to say Jack's name every day...and that it's even cooler when someone else says his name to me. Like hey, HE WAS thank you. from the bottom of my achy heart
Just when I'm hitting the 2 year mark and start wondering if it's "OK" to keep saying his name or to say I have SIX kids, and you go and post this amazingness"

When I read the words "like, hey, HE WAS REAL..." I could feel the validation in there that a simple comment made to my sweet friend...and YES HE WAS AND IS REAL!  Sometimes we need to know others acknowledge that too!

Do you need to read that again?  "HE WAS REAL!"

We are moms and dads that love our children that aren't with us just as much as we love those that are...that will never change!  

We want to say it out loud and we want to give you permission to say it too! 

It can be scary to approach a friend or a loved one that has lost a child for fear of not saying the right thing...silence or avoidance can feel so wrong in our already so wrong situation.  Please join together with us in reaching out saying it out loud together!  I encourage you today to say it out loud on behalf of your child if you are a bereaved parent or if you are friend or loved to someone who has experienced loss, find a way to say it out loud in honor of their child!

Return To Zero, a film about child loss is shattering the silence all over the world!  We need your help to share it!  How awesome would it be to share this film on your Facebook wall, tweet it, blog about it, in memory or in honor of your child, or in honor of someone's child???  That's a great way to speak volumes!  That's a great way to say it out loud!

I am pretty sure if you do that for a friend, just seeing their child's name will give them a hug on their heart!!!

When you don't know what to say...just do something!  Do this!!!     

In memory of Matthew Clark Weatherly, (or fill in the blank of your beloved)  please share the movie "Return To Zero" and the following link with your friends!

I honestly believe this simple act of kindness or honor in memory of a child can make a bereaved mother or a bereaved father smile...because you remember!  Because you aren't afraid to say it out loud!  Because you care!  

Show them you them you will stand beside them and speak, say it out loud!  



Laurie, a special thank you friend for allowing me to share your JOY...

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