Friday, August 9, 2013

Our "Something Specials"

Yesterday over at Facebook, I posted the following status: 

"Pennies. Pennies are my little connection with Matthew and have been since he passed away. After reading "Pennies from Heaven"" I knew this was going to be my thing. Eight years of finding pennies and the places I find them make me smile! I find a penny just when I need it! Always! When I need a little something from heaven, there is a penny. If you ever come to my house and see a penny or five on the floor, don't touch them! I will find them just when I need to!  This morning when I sent two boys to school, I found three pennies together. Little things get me through big moments. Grateful for little things!

Do you have something special that helps you just when you need it?"

I loved reading the responses and while doing my housework was inspired to go and find these special things around my house and take a photo of them as I remembered each mama that shared with me!  

I started thinking about the lives of the precious little ones that are no longer here but that left us beautiful ways to remember them by and today I dedicate this to them!  After all, they are our inspirations!  

So, here is a special picture for each of you mamas that shared your heart with me!  

Please feel free to comment here on the blog or on Facebook if you have would like to share your something special too!  Add a photo if you can!  Some really special stories there!  

I had to get creative to find an elephant in my house- but I did and it is super adorable!

The last few photos were taken by me over the last year or so.

I think that what makes me smile so much about all of these special things, is that now every time I see one of them, I will remember the story behind it!

I will remember your sweet children and that, that is what this is all about!

Love to you all, and thank you, thank you for sharing with me! <3


  1. I think this is great! Awesome idea!

  2. I'm curious if you have memorial jewelry, or something that you wear for Matthew. If you've already blogged about it, sorry. A photographic memory I do not have. ;-)

    1. Yes Jamie- I have a necklace with Matthew's photo engraved on it! It is beautiful! <3 I have posted it but I will share the photo again!

  3. I love the idea of pennies. I collect emeralds (my William's birthstone) and anything blue and yellow (the colors of his nursery) or anything that says prince. After all, he was my little prince.