Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lackers who have EVERYTHING, venting again.

Holy moly, I know I woke upon the right side of the bed but this post is going to kind of sound like I didn't!

Brace yourself.  And after you read this, hit print and give a copy to who you deem fit!  ;)

Here we go!

This morning I was thanking God for my children, my blessings and our lives with my heart full of gratitude. The stillness of the moment while it was still quiet in the house was nice.

After I had some sweet time with Jesus, I went about my morning activities.  Well, the stillness went away real fast and in a hurry when I thought about many of the conversations, uh em, complaints, that I have heard lately.

Yep.  Those conversations.

The ones where people have complained to me about the "lack of" in their lives.

Lack of what?

These conversations were like a film playing over in my head so I knew it was time to let it go.  So here I am, letting it go, as I always do, but not before I share with you fellow "child loss club members" my thoughts and two cents.

To all of those who "lack" what they think they really need...

First of all, if you woke up with ALL your children ALIVE, take your complaint somewhere else before I punch you in the nose.

If you woke up in your bed, any bed, that isn't a hospital couch, NICU waiting room floor while your sick baby fights for their life, shut up about the "worst night of sleep you ever had."

If you have children that aren't depending upon someone else's organs to live, or that aren't facing chemotherapy and treatments to keep them here one day longer, well, I am going to leave that one for you to fill should know what you need to do.

If you are overwhelmed by your to do list, read mine.

If you are choosing to worry about what you DON'T have, you are MISSING plenty of opportunities to love what you do have, you never know when that person may be gone...forever.

If money can buy it and you don't have it...shut-up.

Ah...Okay, okay, I'll stop now.

This post is done with love (okay, maybe not the shut-ups or the punching of the nose, but...) because what I am really trying to say is that if you woke up with healthy children, children that are alive and children that can get on your nerves without IV's hanging from their little arms, then sweet friend, you have EVERYTHING!

You have everything that really matters!

You have the everything that so many would die for.

Appreciate everything, love everything, don't take anything for granted, not even one second...for in one second, everything could be gone and then that would land you in our club and this, this is the last place you want to be.

I apologize for the rant, now I am going  back for some more time with Jesus, apparently I need it!

If you have given an amen to anything on this post, read here too!


  1. Amen and amen! So much school shopping etc complaining going on. I would give anything to have an almost 3 year old to maybe be getting ready for preschool. So many griping about how hard this stage or that stage is. I don't doubt that they're difficult, but if your kid is alive to be going through a stage, Be. Thankful. In my head I was saying "you know what other stage is hard? The dead one." I've been in a mood. ��

  2. Thank you thank you thank you. I've heard "worst day ever" when baby didn't take a nap. And "I don't look like I'm pregnant, I look like I have a beer belly." And "my kids get sick so much" after the second round of head colds. head. colds.

    And all I want to do is scream, because while they're praying baby will sleep, or they could be "cuter" while they're pregnant, or that the sniffly noses will stop - I'm praying to be grateful in the wake of burying my child and nearly loosing my marriage.

    It takes so much grace to walk through life the un-parent of a dead child, when everyone around you is lost in the blahs of a normal life. Lord, give us more grace.

  3. I would add if you can make memories with your kids today be thankful. Some of us cant. Id give anything for the moodiness my son sometimes had if it meant he was here to be moody. Id give anything to have him duck out of a photo once again if it meant he was here. Id give anything to just see my son one more time. I know when all of my kids were alive I was guilty about complaining about those stages in life which were difficult never once thinking one of my kids could die until he did. I have to remind myself sometimes when I get in those moods I complained too and that only makes me more grateful now for every single second I had with my son and every second I get with my two other kids.