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A very HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY Birthday ~ Duck Dynasty style

Our little Will requested a Duck Dynasty theme birthday party this year!  It was his seventh birthday and also his "golden birthday!"  I wanted it to be so special!  And it sure was!

I have put together some highlights of our day!

This party was one of the best I have ever planned ~ and it was the first party my kids and my husband were so active in the party planning stages!  *That was great!  But what I enjoyed the most was seeing the three of them outside together making the duck blind...those boys will never forget that, nor will they ever forget the memories made, neither will I!

This was also the least expensive party I have ever planned or given!  Yes sir, that was great too!  I also learned how to paint camouflage!  I learned a lot...

If you are in the party planning stages of your own, take a may be surprised at how easy it is to pull this off!

The Weatherly's don't  know how to make duck calls, but we sure know how to make memories!

The party was about as authentic "Duck Dynasty" as we could make it. (minus the beaver in the sink or fresh frog legs on my table!)  Wigs, face paint, camo, bandannas  beards, guns, targets, duck blind, duck decoys, jambalaya, sweet potato pies, (actually pumpkin, couldn't find sweet potato pies, and okay, okay, I surely don't know how to bake one!) banana pudding, mallow dogs, ham "sammiches," potato salad, baked beans and sweet tea were on the menu! 

But most importantly, we had FAITH, FAMILY & FRIENDS! I am SO SO SO grateful for that! Happy Happy Happy!!!

Here we go!  Hope you enjoy!!!

The Weatherly family "pre-transformation" into the Robertson family ~
Ronnie, Lori, Nathan & Will 
The Weatherly family after their transformation into the Robertson family ~

"Phil, Ms. Kay, Jase & Willie"

Party favors included a Duck Dynasty tea cup, a bandanna and a beard on a stick

Little Will as "Willie"

RW as "Phil"

Lori as "Ms.Kay"

Nathan as "Jase"

duck blind

targets for shooting across the creek

family photo pre-party 

Will hanging out in his duck blind, pre-party

Duck Commander War Paint station

camo cake with camo frosting topped with frogs, of course

Will getting his Uncle Eddie's face ready

Poor Paw Paw, Will got the eye  black for him!  

FUN stuff!

time to shoot those targets!

serious business here 

Our dog Dixie looking for game 

Paw Paw and Pop enjoying the shade 

Here comes the birthday boy to check out the targets

Corn hole, anyone?  Of course!  We wouldn't dare have a Duck Dynasty party without a little competition!

Pop and Nana 

Yes, we shot it, something anyway!  

Maw Maw getting some action
The other "Willie" and "his bride, Korie"
RW and Pop enjoying some father son "friendly" competition

Guess that duck call really works!  ;)

They got the ducks!!! 

Happy Happy Happy Birthday to our Little Will!!!

Buddy patiently waiting on some game too! 

One very "happy, happy, happy"boy...

And that makes us happy, happy, happy too!!!   That's a wrap!  

Thank you Jesus for our faith, our family and our friends!  And thank you for giving us this wonderful time together to make the most amazing memories!  And God, thank you so very much for our Little Will and the pure  JOY that he has brought into our lives!  We are grateful and blessed...and "that's a fact Jack!"

And thank you God for The Robertson family...

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