Monday, September 9, 2013

Cradle or Casket, Unconditional Love...

A gentle reminder to those that got the cradle and not the casket...a reminder that even though our outcomes were very, very different, the beginning of it all, was very much the  That love never dies...even if our baby does.

Did you love your baby the moment even before the two pink lines showed up?

Did you love your baby the moment you heard the thump, thump sound of his little heart beat?

Did you love your baby the moment you saw his little hand held up by his face on the ultrasound?

Did you love your baby the moment you felt his first kick?

Did you love your baby the moment you saw him for the very first time?

Pretty amazing moments, right?

Yes, I think so.

But not everyone gets the rest of the pretty amazing stuff...

The going home part.

Was it pretty amazing to take your baby home?

Was it pretty amazing to hear the thump, thump of his little beat on the monitor as you watched him sleep?

Was it pretty amazing to see his little hand by his precious little face as you were cradling him in your arms?

Was it pretty amazing to see him kick as you gave him a bath or changed his clothes?

Was it pretty amazing to feel the love you have for him at every glance?

I didn't get the going  home part...but the loving part, I got that!  I got every ounce of love, just like you.

I cannot just stop loving my baby because he never came home from the hospital with me.

Because I don't have his hand to hold doesn't mean I am not his mother.

A mother's love, starts at the beginning, before she even knew if there was a beginning, and it never, ever ends.

Having a child's hand to hold here on earth does not make one a does.

This love is unconditional, cradle or casket...this love never ends...

This love, a mother's love, continues until her last breath and not her child's...

*For those of you that got the "going home" part, if you wouldn't have, do you think that you could have stopped that love within your heart, that amazing love that you felt at the very beginning?  No, the answer is no...and you know what? You wouldn't ever want to!  You wouldn't ever want to stop loving your child...just like I will never stop loving mine.  

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  1. I love Matthew's tiny hand molds, and I LOVE that your family thought of it for you!