Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Two Cradles...One Casket

Three is the number of children I have.

Two is the number of cradles I have rocked.

One is the number of caskets I have filled.

Three is the number of children I love.

Three is the number of children I have.

Two is the number others see.

One is the number I never forget.

Three is the number...always three.

Three is perfect.

Two is good.

One is always missing.

Three is what should be.

Three completes me.

Two makes me smile.

One makes me cry.

Three completes me.

Three.  I am the mother of three...Always three.

Whenever you see me...know there's three.

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  1. This is beautifully heartbreaking. My number is one, even though nearly everyone thinks zero

  2. Yes, this, I feel this too - I have three children also.

  3. Beautiful. I also have three children - two in Heaven and one on Earth.

  4. Beautiful. I am the mother of three as well, two here and one in heaven. You've captured just how I feel.

  5. Mother of three...but only one here on Earth. I hope someday four can be my number. Beautiful poem.