Sunday, October 6, 2013

The sweetest story...

While looking through photos earlier today, I ran across this series.  They tell a beautiful story in just four short photographs.

The day I took these photos, I was standing in the background watching my boys say goodbye to their brother.  It was then I witnessed the most beautiful and sweetest sight that still leaves me with tears rolling down my cheeks.    

 1. Nathan was bending down talking to Matthew...Will was really trying to be patient.

2. Will tapped Nathan on the shoulder to tell him it was his turn. (I guess his patience was all used up.)

3. Will bent down taking his position to talk to Matthew.

4. Will leaned in closer to Matthew's tombstone and whispered words I couldn't hear, but when he stood up tears were rolling down his face.

And mine too...

Will ran to me and Ronnie hugging us so tightly and then Nathan pressed in as we all just took that moment to let it be...We let the tears fall and let love take over...We were loving and missing Matthew together.  

Will never told us what he was whispering to Matthew...but I know it was the sweetest story!


Lord, I am crying again typing this!  

We know Matthew isn't there, he is with Jesus...but this is "his special place" and we have had the most amazing moments out there together and each time we do, a little "peace" of heaven touches our hearts!
Like this one.

Thank you Lord for these precious, precious moments and memories and thank you Lord for my boys and the love that they have for each other!  Thank you Lord that the sweetest story never ends...but continues in eternity with you...

Now, I need a box of Kleenexes, a hug and three cookies! 

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  1. This IS the sweetest picture story ever! ❤️❤️❤️