Monday, September 30, 2013

Don't "waste" the fragrance...

Don't waste this...don't waste that...


We are so trained to not waste things, electricity, food, time, you know things like that.  And I am on board with those totally.  But sometimes I let the "not wasting" state of mind roll over and take away some pretty simple pleasures.

Sometimes I even think I am "wasting" my time if I am laying down for a few minutes when the laundry needs to be put away, when in reality, if I am resting, why would I consider that wasting my time?

Or how about this one, "I don't want to waste this on today, I am waiting for a special occasion..."


I am not a drinker, but I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say they are saving a bottle of wine for a special occasion, which leads me to the honest assumption that if I were a drinker, I would have a stock pile of bottles just waiting for something to be special enough to use it for.

For Pete's sake, I have been waiting for fourteen years to use our you are totally thinking I would be saving all of my wine, huh?


Fourteen years, and the beautiful china. has never been used!


What exactly am I waiting for anyway?

Special occasions?  Well, I have had fourteen wedding anniversaries and brought home two beautiful boys to raise in my home and why wasn't the china broken out?  Is that not special enough?

Of course it was!!!

But I am still waiting...after all, year fifteen is right around the corner...Sigh!

Even writing that makes me cringe.  I am determined to feed my family on that china now!  Even if it is pizza and tater tots!

The other day, I was home by myself and my sister purchased a new fall candle for me.  I was cleaning and I started to light it and my first thought was "Don't waste it (the fragrance) now because I am the only one home.  The candle will only burn so many hours and shouldn't I burn it when my home is filled with people that will enjoy the fragrance too?"

Why did I react that way?  Why wouldn't it be okay for me to enjoy the fragrance while home alone?

After that troubling thought, I forced myself to light the candle because I would enjoy the fragrance and I was worth it.

That triggered this post...

Why did I think I was going to waste the candle on myself?


Why do we not use our fancy perfume unless we go somewhere? (I do use my fancy perfume on my gloomy days though!)


So many things came to my mind when I was thinking about this and have made me more determined than ever to really enjoy the fragrances of daily life, even when I am by myself.

If I want to use a candle or a perfume to fragrance the air, or the turn the lamp in the corner on just to make the atmosphere pretty for myself, then by golly, I am not wasting any of it.  And I will enjoy it!

These things matter because we matter. 

I think we short change ourselves from some simple pleasures in life by thinking we are "wasting the fragrances" sometimes.  I know I do.

And I don't want to do that anymore.

Know what I mean?

Don't let today's fragrance be wasted!  Don't wait until tomorrow or when your house is full of guests to light your best smelling candle!  Enjoy it today!

And for Pete's sake, don't wait fourteen years to use your china!

Today is a gift and you may not have tomorrow!  
So today is special enough!  And you are special enough!

*I am making the declaration today that this week I am pulling my china out of the packaging and going to set a fabulous and beautiful table for my family to dine on!  (stay tuned, for that will be a blog post in itself!)

PS...My entire house smells like fall right now and I am the only one home enjoying the fragrance and that is more than okay!  I have learned my lesson!  Now, go light your candles!  :)

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