Monday, February 27, 2012

Baseball Season...

As we are preparing for our first Middle School Baseball Game this evening, (unless the rain stays) I am so excited to see my Moose in his complete uniform playing school ball for the first time!  (Nathan, but his "on the field" name is Moose, always.)  Post to come later about that nickname! :)  We have done little league and travel ball for years,  but this is different... this is the first time in  a "school" jersey!  The little league days are over and a new season has begun.

As happy and excited as I am as Moose's mom to see this new season of his life start, my heart breaks for the moms that won't be sitting on the bleachers this year because their child has gone to be with Jesus.  As I wash Nate's practice shirt / pants and clean up his cleats, I think of those mamas that are not getting the chance to do that anymore, and that makes me so sad.... breaks my heart and pushes me to go on in this journey knowing how many more mamas and families need hope and encouragement and love.

Just yesterday, there were 4 pairs of cleats (practice cleats, game cleats & turf cleats belonging to my big boy and a tiny pair of cleats belonging to Will, AKA when he is "on the field," Stitch!)  by my front door and I was like, uh.... do these belong here???  And in that same breath I thanked God above they were there.  I was going to pick them up because I had my girlfriends coming over for Bible Study, but I didn't.  I left them there... not for everyone to see, but to remind me to count my blessings... and to remember those sweet mamas and families out there that won't have red clay cleats by their door this season...

My love to all of you and special hugs to the mamas / families out there experiencing this baseball season without dirty socks woven with dirt and grass in them.  I so wish it were different.

With much love & hope,



  1. even in the midst of your own deep hurts, you think of others.

    You were made for this. Hope Moose does well tonight.

    God bless you this day, Lori.
    You're just cool.

    1. I see and know so many mamas and families all at different 'seasons' of this journey and I can't help but just hurt for them and think of them as seasons change...

      Thank you Laurie! You are just cool too! ;) xoxo
      And Moose did awesome! :)