Friday, March 2, 2012

4 more months...

Today is March 2nd and without even looking at the calendar, I am now beginning the "big countdown" until July 2nd...  happens every year, at this time... no matter what.  I can try not to think about it... but it's in my heart, so deep within my heart and my heart literally aches as these months come down to the day... the day that forever and completely changed my life, my world, my heart and our family.

July 2, 2012, we should be celebrating Matthew's 7th birthday!  WOW...  7 years!  I cannot believe he would have been 7!  7 years without my boy.  7 years wondering just what if...  what would he be like?  what would he be doing right now?  Would he need 10 coats of sunscreen at the beach like his brothers and Dad or coconut oil like his mama?

And I close my eyes... and I imagine what he is doing in heaven, and I smile and a tear falls down my cheek.  Couldn't I have had one birthday with him to see  him blow the candles out?  One little look into his beautiful eyes?  Couldn't I?  Oh I wish I could have...

As God lifts me up, and my family is by my side, I will persevere these next 4 months, knowing with a gnawing pit of my stomach what is coming.  These feelings of great emotion that you cannot control as the days go by and the day draws nearer.

Time can pass friends, and it does...  but within my heart it stands still ~ and my love grows for Matthew everyday just as it does with my other boys!  There is no difference!

That's why I stand upon what I wrote in my book about time not making it better-  Time makes you miss them more...  Because it is one day, one month, one year longer that you are away from them.  God gives us the innate ability to cope daily, but time doesn't do anything but keep running the big world around you... while time  within, stands still.

For our children, we all want the best... and what could be better than heaven?  He won!  Matthew won the prize...  my arms were runner up.

I know you all have anniversaries / angelversaries that you will have to face...  I wish you didn't.  I wish you had birthday parties to plan... and bubbles to blow.

I wish I did too.

Love to all,



  1. Sorry that your countdown is beginning. I'll be praying for peace. It has only been 13 1/2 months since my boy died, and time has not helped. You are spot on about that. Loved the book, but sorry it needed writing in the first place.

    1. Jamie, I am so sorry you had a reason to read the book... I know you miss your sweet son. I hope you found some comfort in the book and that you know you are not alone on this journey. Love & prayers, Lori

  2. I have the first anniversary coming up July 19 and I just don't know...

    1. Oh Amanda... I understand! :( July 2nd is when Matthew passed and July 23rd is when we laid his body to rest... between the 2nd and 23rd... wow, is a serious emotional roller coaster! Not to mention the days (months) leading up to July! If you haven't read the book, I am going to post something from Matthew's birthday you may want to read. It will be closer to July when I post it. Love and hugs to you sweet friend! I am so sorry!

  3. There is nothing more prodigious then a mother's love for her children except God's love for us. Lori, you have set the bar high for all to follow. I continue to pray that you and all the other parents who have lost a child will find comfort and strength to carry on and may He grant you His peace.

  4. "time doesn't do anything but keep running the big world around you... while time within, stands still." -- Thank you for putting into words something I have been feeling. I always say "time doesn't make sense anymore" and this must be why.