Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Blood Donors and MY HERO

A quick summary of that AWFUL day:
July 2, 2005, was a tragic day on so many levels as many of you know.  Matthew passed away due to my uterus rupturing and I was not expected to live.  I had a vaginal delivery with Matthew followed by two emergency surgeries resulting in a hysterectomy. I went into DIC and flat lined twice.  It was bad... really bad.

It was then I had to have blood transfusions to save my life.

July 2 was a Saturday... On Monday, Red Cross held a blood drive for  me. I was in ICU on life support, but below on the 1st floor, there were MANY people lined up from near and far to give blood for me. My sister said that day changed her life when she walked into the area and saw all of the people in line and was devoted from that moment on to give blood every chance she had. (and she has!) 

The magnitude of this event would not be understood to me until some months later when I was alone at home looking at cards, sympathy cards... get well cards... cheer up cards...  and I ran across a stack of Red Cross cards. I had never seen these before,  but as people gave blood, they were able to write a message to me or sign their name, and The Red Cross gave them to my family as well as the LONG list of the names that donated blood that July day.  

I read the list... some of the names I recognized... some I did not... I cried.  I cried and I cried some more as I read every card, every signature.  I was so completely touched and humbled that people (even strangers) would come to the hospital and give the GIFT OF LIFE to me!  Wow, talk about a gift!  There is no greater gift we can offer to one another in the physical realm than the gift of life.  

Friends drove from state to state to donate blood- colleagues of RW's lined  up- The scene, forever changed my sister's life and I know it has mine, even though I wasn't physically present to see it... I FELT IT!  And almost 7 years later, I just pulled the cards out of the precious trunk I have with memories as this, I got goosebumps! THANK YOU~  WHOEVER and WHEREVER YOU ARE!

We periodically receive note cards from the Red Cross along with donor cards and it touches our hearts so very much. Such a gift, a beautiful, beautiful gift. 

If it weren't for people that came to give blood just days prior to my transfusion, I wouldn't have lived.  If it weren't for people there that day giving blood for me, perhaps another life would have been lost.

This was truly one of the most touching things in my life. I really was taken back and so grateful as I tried to hand write each one a "Thank You" note.  How does one say thank you for this gift?  

I know there's an awful lot of bad in our great big world... BUT there is also so much KINDNESS and LOVE and COMPASSION!  

What can we possibly do today to change tomorrow for someone who is hurting? or even dying, as I was???

I love the internet; the technology these days is amazing, but as I said earlier, I am a visual person and the fact that I can hold these cards in my hands is TANGIBLE evidence for me that God loves me and had me in HIS hands that day and the days (years) that would follow and that people care!!!   I cannot tell you how many days I spent with the cards spread out on the floor reading each one for encouragement and I still do from time to time.  

Deep breath... now the hardest part... 

I couldn't mention all of my blood donors without mentioning my most special one... my hero!

When I realized who my very first blood donor was, I dropped to my knees... 

Matthew saved my life in the distress of the hour... he ultimately lost his life because he was giving his blood to me... I would have done anything to give my blood to save his life...  He is  MY HERO!  My BEAUTIFUL HERO! 

This is what a HERO looks like... one who gave his life so his mommy could live ~ My MOST precious memory...

I knew this beautiful little boy saved my life for his big brother...  

Glory Baby...  Matthew Clark Weatherly

RW gently removing Matthew from my arms to place him in his little white bed... this was truly the hardest moment of my life...

I know this is hard stuff, but this is our reality... this is life in the midst of death.

I am kind of at a loss for words to close tonight....but Matthew's blood was the very first to save my life ~ before anyone knew I needed it.... he did.

My love to my MOST SPECIAL HERO and to all of you this evening!


This post is in honor of all of my blood donors and
in loving memory of my boy, my hero, Matthew Clark Weatherly


  1. oh my word. this is heart wrenchingly beautiful. Matthew Clark Weatherly - littlest champion. beautiful pictures......
    My heart breaks for you all over again.
    thank you for getting up in the morning, writing your story, your blog, on Facebook.
    it is no small feat and I thank you for being a hero.
    hugs to you, sweet momma.

    1. Much love to you sweet friend... thank you. xoxo!

  2. Oh my are the tears flowing! Sweet little Matthew, a hero indeed! This will forever be etched in my heart! And like sweet Laurie said... thank you for not giving up and in the midst of all you face giving other like me hope! You truly are a gift! Much love to you precious one!

    1. Matthew was my gift! and he gave me a gift I wish I could have given to him... Thank you for your sweet words! Love & hugs to you... xoxo!