Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Game of Life

Anybody remember the Game of Life?  Wow, what childhood memories this brings for me!

I couldn't wait to play this game as a child and I have to admit I have played a few times in the last couple of years!  Seems so weird when you redo things as an adult that you did as a child...  Even a childhood house seems so much smaller when you revisit!  Perspective as a child vs perspective as an adult.  The house didn't shrink, but something changed.  I know y'all know what I mean! ;)  Who has walked into their old house and thought omygoodness, this house used to be so big!  ME!!!

So, back to Life... the game.

I would get so excited to get my car with the little peg holes in it and put my little pink peg in the front seat while I would choose college or career along the way.   And you know, I couldn't wait to "get married" and add the little blue peg sitting right up there with me in our "convertible!"  Life would be great!

Travelling down across the board, there was the inevitable... Would it be  a baby blue peg or a pink peg being added as you are congratulated on your new baby!  Or the ultimate, would it be twins?  Oh the joy of adding to the 'family' car in Life!

It seemed so real to me when I was a little girl... like that is the way it would happen.

And when I grew up, it sort of did... well the adding the 1st blue peg, and then the congratulations on the baby blue peg... but no one ever gave me a little blue peg and took it away in the game of LIFE.

But along the path of the REAL GAME OF LIFE, my little blue peg was taken away.

LIFE stinks when you are preparing to add another beautiful blue (pink) peg to your family car, and you have to leave the hospital without him. (her)  It is heartbreaking and tragic and life changing all across the board!  The real board of life!  The one with divorces, sickness, death, heartache, cemeteries, cancer, disease, violence, the one that claims the life of a 3 year old from Leukemia...  that real board of LIFE!  The one we don't want to play... the one that hurts and stings.

My mind drifts back to that game board...  and the innocence I once held in my heart, not knowing the day would come when LIFE would be such a struggle, a journey of unexpected and major bumps causing my world to change in a single moment when my precious, precious little blue peg was taken.

I am so grateful that I just kissed  2 little blue pegs goodnight!  Any my big blue peg too! ;)  Thank you God for my all of my blue pegs... and for my special little blue peg you hold in your arms tonight!

Love to all of you this evening...



  1. This is so true - it's very hard when things don't go the way they're "supposed" to go, or when they go ways that you never would have prepared for. I've lost two pegs, but don't know what color either one would have been. It's hard! Knowing they are both with Jesus makes all the difference though - and with my grandparents (their great-grandparents) who went before too. I know that they are not alone!

    1. I am so sorry about your losses! You are so right, they are not alone! Big hugs and thank you for reading and sharing with me!