Friday, March 30, 2012

If I could have an "UNdo..."

Dear Matthew,

(If I could have an "UNdo...")

UNwritten was your story – UNscripted on all counts…
UNwritten was the way it was all to be planned out.
UNwritten was your eulogy… UNwritten were the tears,
UNwritten were the unexpected screams roaring through our fears.
UNwritten was your death certificate someone had to sign,
UNwritten was your name penned on the dotted line.
UNspoken was the horror, UNspoken was the grief;
UNspoken was the silence of the breath of life in me.
UNspoken were the moments of total devastation;
UNspoken was the way I held you lifeless without a hesitation.
UNdone was my heart all broken, undone was all the pain,
UNdone were all the hopes & dreams we would never have again.
UNdone was the nursery all trimmed in white & blue,
UNdone was all the preparation in arriving home with you.
UNpicked was the monument that marks your special place,
UNpicked were all the flowers that adorn your sacred space.

I wish I could "UNdo" it all...
Love,  Mom  

I miss you more & MORE, EVERYDAY!


  1. *tears* Oh how I wish it could all be undone for you too! Much love to you tonight my friend! <3

  2. Just heartbreaking :( ((hugs)))