Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Where there's a WILL~ there's a way!

Where there's a "WILL" ~ there's a way!

Our little Will, 5 years old, often imitates his big brother... okay, more than often, A LOT!

When Nathan walks down the hall in the back he raises his hand and touches the attic pull string and keeps walking... EVERY TIME he  passes, he does this.

The last few days, Will has tried to reach the attic pull string... I have watched him DAILY take the little blue stool (that he uses to brush his teeth) and he brings it to the hall, sets it right in place, and steps up-  a little grunt comes from him as he reaches on his tip toes to try with all of his might to touch the string... as he steps off, he just kind of shakes his head as he puts the stool  back.

Well, yesterday, as he did this, I told him "Will, one day, you are going to walk past this attic pull string and just  reach out and touch it!"  He smiled, and shrugged his shoulders a little... (I was thinking all too soon, he will be tall enough, big enough to reach this goal!)

Just a few minutes ago, I was walking past the hallway, and noticed the little blue stool, and the two-step ladder by the attic... and on top of that two step ladder was my five year old touching the attic pull string with a grin on his face proving, once again to mama, that where there's a WILL, there's a way!

I wonder what goal you are trying to attain?  What is out of your reach that you are striving to accomplish?  Maybe you can reach that goal if you think about building blocks as Will did to get you there!

I thought he would reach the pull string by growing taller like his brother... BUT he was DETERMINED to use his resources he had right now to reach it!

Mama learned a great lesson from watching her little Will find his way!

Don't give up on whatever you are trying to accomplish... don't think anything is too far out of your reach... You may need to be a little savvy in how you get there... but you can!

Love to all!!!