Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pennies for a Purpose

Got a penny?  Give a penny.

Need a penny?  Take a penny.

How many times have we all seen this at a convenience store?  Have you ever taken a penny or left one?

I have done both.

But today I am going to ask a little something different.

I talk frequently about pennies from heaven and how every time I see one or find one, I think of Matthew. 

Many of you responded to this as well leaving an impression on my heart.  So I decided I would share an idea with you, "Pennies for a Purpose," here on the blog.

I am asking that you "intentionally" place a penny in a public place for someone to find.  May sound weird, but try it!  You never  know who is going to find that penny that needs a little pick me up.  Been there, done that!  And I am grateful for every single penny I find.  And they truly do pick me up!  Like a heart hug from heaven!!!

I ALWAYS smile and sometimes cry, when I find a penny.  It is amazing the places that they are, JUST when I NEED them the most!  

Little things can make a huge difference on any day, especially a difficult day.

And we can be that difference to others, even with one randomly dropped penny.  That's the truth...I have picked up many pennies and thanked God for them, many!!! 

My big sister, Charlene, did an awesome thing for me by collecting pennies for Matthew for an entire year. Of course, I didn't know she was doing it, but at the end of the year, she gave to me this angel full of pennies on Matthew's second birthday.  What a gift!  What a sweet, sweet gift!  She also attached a note card that read the following:

Dear Lori and Ronnie,
These 103 pennies are very special to me.  I  have found them on the ground during the last year.  You see, these are special to me because I knew our sweet Angel, Matthew, tossed  them from heaven to cheer me up and let me know he was thinking of me. So, I give you my "Pennies from Heaven" from your Angel.  
Love, Lene

How awesome was that? 

It was pretty awesome and I will never forget how special it was to me, and still is.  

This is also something you may want to do for someone as well.  What a beautiful idea that is SURE to touch hearts, like it did mine.

There are so many creative ways to give and show you care for others and I know that by doing such, even just dropping a penny, your heart will feel joy!  Think about the mama or daddy that may pick it up and treasure it as their penny from heaven!  Oh I love that!

So today, if you got a penny, give a penny.  And I hope that if you need a penny, you will find a penny!

Place a "penny for a purpose" and be blessed!  

Love to all!



  1. I DO that! For me, Pennies are not a sign - I have said if it was from my dad it would have to be a Kennedy half dollar, because he use to give those to me - but I know other people DO find the pennies comforting so I leave them all the time!

    p.s I have shared our blog on my blog and on my FB page - so much of what you write, I can relate to as can my other mom's of angels!

    1. I love the half dollar comment! Sweet! And I am so happy you DO this already! I love it! Thank you for sharing and for reading! <3

  2. I'm thinking of taking a gob of pennies out to the cemetery this weekend and putting them on all the angel baby graves. Maybe surprise a mama or two. Thanks for the idea.